Meeting Minutes from 4/14/10

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Meeting Minutes from 4/14/10

Post by Scott Lanzerio on Thu 15 Apr 2010, 9:10 am

Teams in attendance ...
Kill Switch

Next meeting will be Wednesday 4/21 at same location (Edward Saunders Community Center). All team representatives should be present at this meeting. Team #'s will be drawn and the first week's schedule will be determined.

The following information was given by Derrick Floyd ...

The league will start May 1st. The end date should be August 7th the week before the Referees Tournament.

Fee structure. All league fee information can be found by following this link >>
This page can be printed and given to your sponsors.

The schedule matrix was explained. There's a potential that your team will not play all teams. Team Rep's draw a # from a hat. This designates the team # coinciding with the matrix. Nothing is predetermined and the leadership of the league has no role in this activity. This is to protect against any false accusations of any rogue element in the process. This is the fairest way to complete the schedule.

Any pertinent league issues will be voted on by all teams present at meetings. 1 vote per team. It is the teams responsibility to ensure your team is represented at each meeting.

It was voted that there would be a team representative contact list made up for the team representatives to be able to communicate to eachother if needed.

This is a full contact, physical league. Every player should be aware that this league is not a recreational league. We play for money - paid birth to the USFTL National Tournament in January. This is a physical league. The knowledge and participation in the physical nature of this league is important. The result of this has proven that this league has less fights and less injuries when everyone plays 100% physical.

We use triple threat flags. You can purchase these for $2.87 each at - I have like 19 flags if anyone would like to purchase them.

Rescheduling Games: Some games need rescheduling due to teams traveling out of town for tournaments or other reasons. It is imperative both teams agree to the reschedule to avoid any forfeits. Both agreeing teams must advise Derrick Floyd the date of the rescheduled games. Derrick schedules the officials and will need to notify them of the schedule change. This process should be completed at the same time the rosters are due which is prior to the 4th week of the season.

Forfeits - The forfeiting team will pay the entire officiating fee ( $90 ) for that game. If a team folds during the season they are still responsible to pay the officiating fee for the rest of the season.

Not all teams make the playoffs. More than likely the top 6 teams will make the playoffs.

June 12-13 league bye week for the Buffalo Summer NIT.

There will be no byes for Memorial Day or 4th of July weekend. We plan on continuing what we started last season and have a night game 4th of July weekend. The night games are rewarded to the veteran teams. Location still to be determined. There’s a good chance we’ll also be able to have some fireworks.

Game times begin at 9:00am.

Just a quick reminder that in no way will we tolerate any fighting or any illegal behavior. As you all know Derrick is one of Buffalo’s finest. We have other players that are in police agencies and most every week we have a Buffalo police officer spectate our games. We’ve never had any problems in the past and do not expect any in the future. We wouldn’t want Derrick to have to arrest anyone. Let’s just continue representing ourselves, family and city in a great way!

Present at this meeting were representatives from the officiating crew we use. They explained the following

They expect physical play but will not tolerate any intent to hurt. If there's such an attempt they will be kicked out of the game and they will be subject to being kicked out of the league.

Flags and shorts can NOT be the same color. No pockets on your shorts or sweat pants. Flags on hips, shirts tucked in. There has to be distinct difference in jersey colors between teams. In regular season the team representatives need to work it out. If the team reps can't decide fairly then it will be decided by a coin toss. During the playoffs the highest seeded teams have the first choice over everything - game time, jersey color.

Flag guarding explained - the runner cannot dip his shoulder to avoid the deflag. The runner can't leave his feet to advance the ball forward.

There is only 1 forward pass per play.

Can not block downfield before the ball is thrown/caught.

Center protection - centers head should be up and making a flag football move before the center can be hit. The center has to get head up.

Good luck to all the teams participating in the tournament this weekend!

Peace ~ Scott

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Post by keith on Thu 15 Apr 2010, 12:51 pm

hey scott has any1 contacted a representative from any of the news crews we have about the tourny. This would be a good way to promote our league in case people want to play or just watch or if teams are interested in coming to WNYFFL.


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