Week 1 Lines

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Week 1 Lines

Post by Bookie on Wed 28 Apr 2010, 4:12 pm

Ballers vs Irish (+12) o/u 24
While the Ballers are a new team and the Irish have a year under their belt, I have to give the edge to the more talented team here. The Irish were on the verge of collapse last year and based on what I saw from their indoor team, are not coming back stronger. At least this year they are not running their mouth about taking down the Bucs. Iím thinking the game stays close in the first half before the Ballers pull away late.

Killswitch vs Hurricanes (+2) o/u 20
I think this will end up being a pretty close game between two pretty evenly matched teams. Killswitch had a good run indoors with a little help from a couple Yankees, now their new QB has to see if his game translates well to outdoor ball. The Hurricanes have Rob who relies more on his legs than his arm, but does find ways to move the ball. Killswitch is still a couple players short of being able to contend for the championship, but should have enough to eke out a win with a late defensive stand in this one.

Eagles vs Bucs (-10) o/u 20
Last year this was a huge game, this year it doesnít seem to be as big as both teams had substandard outings in the tournament. The Eagles have a strong core, but they lack depth which is one thing the Bucs have. In a physical game like I anticipate this one to be, depth can prove to be important. This will be a hard fought game but I see the Bucs overpowering the Eagles and coming away with a victory.

Giants vs Yankees (+8) o/u 22
Iím hearing there are a few Yankees who think they would have beaten the Giants if not for the refs. They wanted the Giants and now get another shot at them. This one will not be as close. The Yanks basically slapped the Giants in the face and have challenged them to a duel, but I think theyíre outgunned in this one. With Wesolek on offense and Patterson on defense, I donít see the Yankees threatening the champs. Giants go up early and coast to a win.

Dolphins vs RIP (-6) o/u 18
RIP will bring their top notch D to this one so I do not think the Dolphins will do much offensively. RIPs biggest weakness is their lack of offense, which after 2 years still does not seem very cohesive. The Dolphins are pretty much using this first year to learn and get their feet wet, Iím guessing the season will be declared a success if their one win comes against the Yankees.

Broncos vs Steel Curtain (+1) o/u 25
Both teams have some experienced players but I think both will end up in the middle of the pack. I really do not know much about either team, but from what I have ascertained the Broncos may be a little bit more organized. Of the players I know are playing, I think the Steel Curtain will rely on a running quarterback and athleticism to get by. Iíll take the Broncos in a messy game.

Scott, any idea when the entire schedule will be ready?


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