R34l or UnR34l show (results are in)

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R34l or UnR34l show (results are in)

Post by R34lD34l on Tue 01 Jun 2010, 2:05 pm

Thank you, Thank you everyone for voting wow 40 votes so the people has spoken and we have seen the results take place with me taken a brief break~ so 28 people thinks the Bitch network sucks lol and 12 say My show offends them well for the 12 who says my show offends you STOP TUNING IN MORONS the bish network is dead and may it rest in peace that guy is irrelevant his team got blew out back to back weeks so enough of the yanks no more promos for them stay tuned for my next show....BEST QB IN THE LEAGUE this will be a good one I know sean 19 you won a place on the show but you got cut due to you cutting that mohawk sorry grow it back and your back on!I promise the fans of my show More football, more pics, so ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!? jocolor


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