Week 6 Lines

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Week 6 Lines

Post by Bookie on Thu 03 Jun 2010, 10:33 am

Killswitch vs Ballers (-12) o/u 28
If Killswitch has any hope of making the playoffs they better start their winning streak soon. It will be tough against the Ballers who like to go deep often. If Killswitch finds a way to stop the deep ball they may have a shot. Their offense looks good in spurts but they haven't put a consistent drive together in a few games. Until Killswitch can get some real playmakers they'll struggle. Ballers take the game on a few deep balls.

Hurricanes vs Bucs (-24) o/u 24
The Canes have another tough draw but at least the worst is over after this game. The Bucs should dominate this game from the get go and it will be over by half time. They are looking good on offense, but I personally think Mason could use his lineman more, perhaps this is a good game to practice that. The only chance the Canes have is if the Bucs overlook them, and even then I don't see them winning. Hopefully their guys stick it out for the whole season, the second half will give them a better indication of where they are as a team.

Giants vs Dolphins (+12) o/u 26
I think the Giants may be shorthanded in this game but should be able to win this one with general ease. The Dolphins are coming along but have a few holes that Killswitch couldn't take advantage of. The Giants are the hottest team right now and find ways to win, including last week in a tight win against the Steel Curtain. This game won't be as close, the Giants find the weak spots in the Dolphins secondary and take the win.

Yankees vs Irish (+8) o/u 22
Even though the score was lopsided, the Yankees had a lot going for them early against the Bucs. It ended up a blow out, but with a backup QB the Yankees had their chances early, they just didn't convert. The Irish play everyone close but I don't know if they have an answer for Tony. If they can game plan around Tony both on offense and defense, they can win this game. I don't think the Irish figure out how to stop him and I think their offense struggles so the Yanks get back on the winning track.

Broncos vs Eagles (-16) o/u 16
The Eagles continue to dominate their competition and it will continue this week. They never seem to look past an opponent and I don't think the Broncos can touch the Eagles at this point. Their offense is rolling and their defense is playing lights out. If the Broncos had a deep threat they may have a chance, but I don’t see anyone who can stretch the Eagles defense. The Broncos are getting better as the weeks progress, but they are a long ways away from being able to compete with the elite teams of the league.

Steel Curtain vs RIP (+1) o/u 20
I'll call this game the game of the week. Down the road it could have big playoff implications. Steel Curtain has talent but too much arguing at crucial times. They could have won against the Giants but with several people making substitutions from the sideline it got pretty chaotic. I like how RIP balls every week but if they’re playing man they may run into some issues against an elusive QB like Bobby. Steel Curtain would probably be better off with Malik at QB, but if its going to be Bobby, RIP just needs to contain him in the pocket. If Bobby tries to throw RIP wins on interceptions, if he stops worrying about being a throwing QB and plays to his strength which is running, Steel Curtain wins.


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Mid Season Awards

Post by Bookie on Thu 03 Jun 2010, 10:39 am

Coming Friday, the Bookies annual mid-season awards. Still some game film to go through before making final decisions.


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no deep threat

Post by dam25 on Thu 03 Jun 2010, 1:07 pm

hey bookie, did you catch any of the game this past saturday, i think we have a deep threat at wide out, but we are still young and growing. But dammit we have a deep threat.



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Re: Week 6 Lines

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