The Ballers, Big Joke

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The Ballers, Big Joke

Post by TheGreek on Sat 05 Jun 2010, 9:59 pm

Well I usually don't post immediately after games but I really need to address something. Maybe it's just a question I need to ask.
Are the Ballers really serious about this or not? My opinion of them right now is they are only showing up on Saturdays to laugh and joke around. I don't think they are serious. All you hear on their sideline is them laughing at stupid shit the whole game. All they do is comment on anything their opponent says and they all burst out laughing like they are drunk at a party having a good time.
Don't get me wrong many teams yell and react to the other team. Usually it's a serious rebuttal or very intense comment. These guys, the ballers, laugh and joke at the stupidist shit to the point that it's not funny. Not to mention, it's just not being focused. These guys are not focused. In my opinion right now they seem to be clowns.

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Re: The Ballers, Big Joke

Post by K/S#19 on Sun 06 Jun 2010, 9:47 am

why do u use an icon or emoticon or whatever that represents king tut when u r the "greek" are greeks and egyptians the same ? maybe its time to put away ur alter ego and just stick with your real name.


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