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Message to the Irish...

Post by Mike#4 on Sun 06 Jun 2010, 1:43 am

Hey Irish good game I wanted to post this because I was unable to stay the whole game and shake hands with you guys just didnt want yall to think I was on some BS but yeah yall got a decent team yall play hard, yall physical, snatch good flags big ups to #75 for that great diving flag thru traffic Shocked nice big dog listen a word of advice though stay together! 3 yrs ago I put together a great team the original saints all young boys that year lets see we beat the Titans, Rams once, chiefs who canged to the saints once we no longer were togther, lost in O.T. to the buccs thankls to countrys leg, lost to the raiders in O.T. thanks to butters push off jump ball over wiggy but my point is that team I put together we were like rip no jerseys just black tees and we had depth just was inexperienced if we had stayed together no doubt we would be the top dogs but learn from me stay together man yall play hard got a QB all yall need really my opinion is depth but again good game good blocking 69 and see yall in 2 weeks good luck rest of the way that W gon come see yall at the field #4 Mike


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