R34l or UnR34l show (Best QB in 2010 results)

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R34l or UnR34l show (Best QB in 2010 results)

Post by R34lD34l on Mon 07 Jun 2010, 7:11 pm

Okay Okay people the results are in!!! But first I would like to say something in regards to individuals saying the polls are a joke. Look people I just create the polls once I post the polls there is no going back and editing,adding, or subtracting votes!!! so remember its only 1 vote a day just like you said u didnt vote for your own QB somebody did its their opinion like thats yours I mean 184 votes wow im shocked and the people and viewers have spoken the peoples choice has chosen none other than YANKEE QB #12 MIKE FORD... Congratulations Ford 58 votes in 1 week the people has chosen YOU as the best QB in the league so guys dont be mad at me or the polls YOU voted and this is who the people has chosen!!!! Anything you would like to say to your peers Ford?


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