eagles Killswitch game

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eagles Killswitch game

Post by K/S#19 on Mon 21 Jun 2010, 11:20 am

After watching the highlites I just wanted to shout out to Mr. Hawkins eagle #2, GREAT effort on the flag as Seth M is about to score a TD only to be called back by a holding penalty. Pete has his hands up in the low "i surrender" position. lol Anyway I also want to comment on what I thought was a great effort by our D. I know the finals score looks lopsided. The truth is the score was 9-6 with under a minute and it was a hard fought physical battle. Andy # 10 was forced to play CB because we never seem to have the same guys in the secondary, he is a d and o lineman who is atheletic enough to play a little LB and wr when we r forced into it. He was torched a few times but lucky for us it never hurt us. I personaly think the eagles r a solid contender for the title along w g-men and Bucs. hope to be back nxt wk on the field but it may take a while, I really hate missing a bucs game bcuz playing against the best brings out the best in our guys. thx again eagles good luck the rest of the way.
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