Week 10 Lines

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Week 10 Lines

Post by Bookie on Thu 08 Jul 2010, 1:42 pm

Giants vs Irish (+14) o/u 32
The Giants have secured the 3rd playoff spot so thereís really not much to play for in this one. The Irish went to OT last week but couldnít seal the deal vs Killswitch. Even if the Giants let their regulars take a rest and the Irish have their ďAĒ squad, this one wonít be close. The Irish have a lot of holes on defense and whether its Alex or Bobby at QB, the Giants will give their QB more than enough time to dissect the Irish D. Itís been a tough two years for the Irish, one wonders if they will be back next year. My guess is no, but you will probably see some of their guys show up on other teams. They do have some talent, they just donít have any consistency or depth. Giants roll.

Steel Curtain vs Hurricanes (+18) o/u 26
The Canes have been shutout two weeks in a row, can it happen three weeks in a row? Yes, yes it can. The Steel Curtain have already locked up a playoff spot and will be playing the Yankees in the first round of the playoffs. They can use the two games this week to work on their offense which still needs a lot of work. Their defense looks solid and I donít see any Hurricane player being able to break a big one so this game probably wonít be close. The Canes have a way to go and should work on getting better in the trenches this coming off season.

Killswitch vs RIP (+1) o/u 22
One of the few games that have playoff implications, Iíll call this one the game of the week. RIP is out of the playoffs so they will have to try to play the role of spoiler here. Killswitch has a shot at the playoffs thanks to Andy #10 coming in to play savior at QB. Defensively they have been looking better as of late. Despite their D line not getting any breaks, they have put a lot of pressure on opposing QBís. I think their best bet is keeping Pete, Jay, and JJ on the line, they work well together. RIP has had offenses spurts this year where they looked good, and figured out they should be using Odie last week, so this will be a tough test for Killswitch. If their D line can get to Mitch quickly they have a chance, otherwise it could be a long day for the secondary. Assuming Terrence is back at QB for Killswitch, I see them winning this one in a nail biter. RIPs defense will make it a tough day for Killswitch, but I think they score a couple, convert the extra points, and take the game.

Ballers vs Eagles (-6) o/u 24
Its simple for the Ballers, win and their in. Whatís not so simple is they have to beat the Eagles to do that. The Eagles have already clinched the one seed so they have nothing to play for other than a perfect season. Do they go the Colts route and rest everyone, or do they go the Patriots route and go all out. I say they go for it, the Ballers and Eagles went back and forth a bit in the Greeks Week 1 predictions thread. The Eagles may be motivated with the Ballers claim they beat them the majority of the time. I think the Ballers match up well against the Eagles so it should be a close game. The way the Eagles are playing on offense this season I see them taking this game with some help from trusty Dusty.

Irish vs Steel Curtain (-10) o/u 30
Game 2 of the day for both teams and hopefully the Irish can field a team at all. Steel Curtain should dominate this game, especially with a running QB. The Irish have not had a consistent QB all year so who knows who theyíll have throwing this week. It doesnít matter much, Steel Curtain will probably pitch a shutout and walk into the playoffs as the 5 seed, setting up a classic battle against the Yankees. The only thing that may slow Steel Curtain down is if they get distracted by the Yankees trash talking on the sideline.

Broncos vs Yankees (-13) o/u 31
The Broncos never really put it together this year but I think they are still trying to figure out where people should be playing. They close out the season against the Yankees who clinch the 4 seed with a win. It may be a good week to rest some key players, this game really doesnít mean much to the Yanks. Iím guessing the Yankees score on their first drive and spend the majority of the second half dancing and doing the Yankee salute.


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