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playoff lines

Post by bookiejr on Sun 11 Jul 2010, 3:54 pm

Yankees V. Steel Curtain
Both teams come into this game on winning streaks, both seem to be peeking @ the right time and whichever team does win will be very dangerous in the next round. Bobby is playing very well at this point in the season and could make the difference with a good mix of feet and accurate downfield strikes. The Yankees will rely on thier strengths, speed and athleticism to attack the steelers secondary early and often. In the end though the line play will win the game. Whomever wants it more @ the point of attack will come out with the "w". I put this line @ [PICK 'EM] and my pick is the Yankees. Final 16-14 yanks. OU~30.

Giant V. Killswitch
The Giants are quite obviously a big favorite in this game. Until killswitch can shed the dropped passes and constant penalties they will continue to be big underdogs anytime they play the top 3 or 4 teams in this league. At this point in the season with semi-pro going on it is unclear what players will be available to the giants. It shouldn't matter though as they always seem to have enough to compete with any teams no matter who shows up. If they look past this team however they could have trouble. Killswitch is a dangerous team when all the players show, the O line has at times looked very good. If the offense can finish a drive instead of sputtering out in the red zone, it could be interesting. Look for #10 to play some big role in the outcome if its a positive one for Pete and his guys. Having said all that, Giants are -15 and I will take them as I dont see the giants D giving up more than one score possibly a TD and a FG. Final 24-10 Giants. OU~34


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