Playoffs week1 predictions

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Playoffs week1 predictions

Post by TheGreek on Tue 13 Jul 2010, 6:15 am

Ok, here we go, PlayOFFs!

Yankees vs Steel Curtain
This will be the game of the week. Yankees vs Steel Curtain! The Curtain is playing good football as of late. They've been solid on defense and offensively Bobby has greatly improved. He's definitely taking more time to throw the ball. I believe he's focused more on balancing out his game. You can't help to notice that he's really trying to throw the ball more. Continue to throw the ball and run at the right time. The Yankees continue to prove that their go to guy is Tony and that's their biggest threat. Some would say that's their only legit threat on offense. Once again to beat that you have to neutralize TJ. Shadow him, execute defending against him and you'll be successful. Curtain has to stick Bobby on TJ the whole game. The Yankees defense is solid. I think both teams match up well defensively. However, I think the Yankees defense has the edge. I see the Yankees winning this game.

Giants vs Killswitch
Look I know you guys have to be getting tired of hearing the same things week in and week out. The truth is if Bobby shows up the Giants are a strong solid team that is well balanced with a potent offense and "kill em" defense! There's a reason Alex is a backup. His game looked like it was improving. However, he struggled last week against the Irish. I'm really unsure what it is. They really seem lax, average and sloppy when Alex is at QB. I'm not trying to bash this guy. I'm sure he's a cool dude. He's just not a good backup to go to like the Buccs have in Rudd. Killswitch has to know all this and I'm sure they are praying that Wes doesn't show up and they are matched up against Alex. If it is Alex Killswitch's chances of winning greatly increases. Something happened with Killswitch. It's like someone lit a fire under their ass and they are now playing some solid defense. The one bad thing as of late is they are allowing teams to stay in the game. That defense has greatly improved but they are not finishing games very well. The offense has to finish out drives with 6 points. Killswitch is going to have to play a solid game to win against the Giants. You guys need to get ahead and hold on to the lead. So I'll say if Wes shows the Giants win huge. If he's not able to be at the game Killswitch has a good chance to pull an upset.

Just some quick assesments:
Irish stick with it. Come back next year. You guys are very cool! You'll improve if you stick with it.
Dolphins need to regroup. After last week's tirade with Foxx and Abrams a refocus is needed to get back on track.
Hurricanes need to stick with it too. They really need to recruit players that are reliable. Get rid of guys who have way too much to say and have no skill to back it up.
Broncos keep doing what you are doing. If you continue in other leagues indoor and outdoor you will continue to improve!
R.I.P. Ent has to find a center that can get the ball to Reese! Rhythm is everything for a good offense. That's one piece of the puzzle you should start with.
Ballers need to get a good QB. If the Ballers get a quality QB you will definitely see a strong team. One suggestion is to recruit Loncar at QB. I would love to see Loncar on that team. What a force that team would be!

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Re: Playoffs week1 predictions

Post by K/S#19 on Tue 13 Jul 2010, 10:54 am

playing w gas and matches...hehe


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