Week 1 Playoff Lines

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Week 1 Playoff Lines

Post by Bookie on Thu 15 Jul 2010, 5:39 pm

So it appears I have a son who has decided to dabble in the bookie business, good for you junior, you did a great job. I have a tear in my eye, they grow up so quick.

Anyway, on to the lines.

Yankees vs Steel Curtain (+2) o/u 24
These two teams had a great battle earlier in the year, eventually going the Yankees way. The teams are hot and this game will probably not disappoint. I like the emotion they bring but that can work both ways. When the Yankees roll, they roll, same for Steel Curtain. When they get down is when the emotion will work against them. I think whoever scores first will win this game. I'm thinking the Yankees will be that team, mixing up some short passes by Ford and some runs by Tony to drive the field. Steel Curtains offense has definitely improved and Bobby is showing signs he may develop into a dangerous QB, but I don't think they have enough to get by the Yankees defense. This game goes to the Yankees unless Steel Curtain finds a way to stop Tony and can keep pressure off of their QB. Mike#4 wants to be considered elite, these are the games you have to show it.

Giants vs Killswitch (+20) o/u 20
The Giants probably would have slept through this game until the board woke them up. Killswitch is a solid team but junior is right, the drop passes and amazing number of penalties always costs them. They go backward as much as they go forward. No matter who the QB is, the Giants take this game. They know how to beat Killswitch, both on offense and defense. The Giants have more strategy and right now have better skill players so this game will probably be a blow out. I like how Killswitch battles, they just don't have the horses in this one. Their only hope is to change up what they do both offensively and defensively to surprise the Giants. The Giants know everything they do so that's the only way this game is close. Even if they change things up, I don't see them getting open against an athletic Giants secondary. Look for a big game from Giants defensive line and probably a shutout. Congratulations to Killswitch for making the playoffs, but it looks like another early exit for them.


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