Semi-Final Playoff Lines

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Semi-Final Playoff Lines

Post by Bookie on Thu 22 Jul 2010, 12:29 pm

I'm starting to feel like Travis Henry, I apparently have fathered more kids than I realize. As Bookie Babies keep coming out of the woodwork, I have to ask myself if it's time for this old dog to retire. I suppose I will address this question during the off-season. On to the lines.

Bucs vs Giants (+6) o/u 34
After dispatching the undermanned Killswitch, the Giants set their sights on the Bucs who are the hottest team right now. The Bucs have had their way with the Giants the last two times they have played and I donít see that changing here. They have all the tools to win this one by a good margin, a fast DL, explosive receivers, and a QB who canít seem to be stopped. The Giants have always had good strategy, but I donít think that is enough to stop Mason who can beat you so many ways. Defensively the Bucs will make Bobby uncomfortable so I think he will have a rough game. Add into this equation a possible payback factor from the injury to Country, this game could be a blow out. The Giants manage to keep it close, but end up on the losing end.

Eagles vs Yankees (+4) o/u 28
The Yankees season has gone pretty much as planned so far. They've beaten the teams that lack the athletes they have, but struggled against the upper echelon of teams. Now they come up against the number one seed and undefeated Eagles. The Eagles put up 30 points in their first meeting but I think they will have a tougher time scoring this time around. The Yankees are getting better and should put up a better fight in this game. They have always had a good defense and their offense is beginning to progress. Tony gets all the attention, but quietly Bruno had developed into a legitimate offensive threat. I still think the Eagles win though. Their defense will have Ford throwing off his back foot and they will be able to stop the Yankees crossing routes and curls, something they rely heavily on. The Yankees will probably complete a shot deep to Tony, but it wonít be enough and the Eagles earn a birth to the championship game.


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Re: Semi-Final Playoff Lines

Post by lil'book on Fri 23 Jul 2010, 9:46 pm

Damn dad Im out drawing you in views 2-1!!! Thats what you get for not coming to my parole hearing last year! and my mom says you owe us money. Pay that shit dad!!!!


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