Championship Game!

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Championship Game!

Post by TheGreek on Mon 26 Jul 2010, 9:08 am

Wow .... How bout them Giants! The Giants took a quick 14-0 lead over the Buccs. That proved to be a devastating situation for the Buccs to get through. Was it impossible to overcome. Not at all. There were a few opportunities or turning points in this game to get the Buccs with in 1 touchdown to tie it all. Howie was open in the endzome and the ball probably should have been thrown earlier. Hollywood made the clutch play and the Giants go onto the Champ game!

You can't help to wonder if TJ would have made enough impact to win this game had he not been injured. The Yankees played good without TJ but didn't manage to score on a tough Eagles defense. The Eagles have a great system offensively. With the exception of a few drops they executed well.

Giants vs Eagles
One would think this should be a great defensive battle. It very well might be. You have 2 great defenses battling it out. Both teams have very strong weapons on offense. I tend to think the Giants have more offensive weapons. The Eagles success lies in their system. There are some tendencies to detect and react to when you defend against the Eagles. Take 23 out of position on quick slants and pay attention to Bear are just a couple. If the Eagles are in short yard situation to make the 1st you know the play is going to Bear. Why is it that teams can't defend that? The LB's are drawn out of position leaving the middle open. You have to defend that with the safety stepping up. I believe the Giants have more potential offensively to take this game. They have stronger weapons offensively and the defense is very solid. Bobby Wes does a great job of mixing it up and utilizing all of his weapons. However, the Giants have to execute against a solid Eagle defense. I think they will and obviously I think they'll go on and repeat. Giants win this game.

It's been a great season! Have a great week and see you all on Saturday!

The Greek farao


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In da know

Post by Mr Know on Mon 26 Jul 2010, 2:12 pm

Greek I think you got it right this week , now the question is will your brotha from anotha mutha , the Bookie go with your predicitons or against.

Im thinking the Eagles will have to put up at least 21 pts to win this game. I think Bobby can do it with his dink and dunk offense and getting a big play here and there. Im thinking the pitch game will come into play.

The Giants will have to be good flaggers and score 20 points to win. I think they are fully capable of doing that.

X factor
- Eagles have that kicker with the long hair that can give them sum pts if they get close.

Giants will win this game 20 to 16. Mr know knows ALL

Mr Know

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