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Post by D Rather on Mon 26 Jul 2010, 7:48 pm

Holy fricken bejebers. Is this news true comin cross the newswire that the undefeated eagles will have a rash of really good players hit free agency. The shocker being eagle mouthpiece #2? Dude is Mr eagle, this dude would wear an eagle mascot costume if he could. Damn yall pissed him off. I was scooped on djones but truthfully this ain't surprising this will be his 10th team and in my opinion needs talent around him anyways and is not a leader or decision maker. #22 what's good baby boy did bobby throw u the ball yet? Nope just saw u pass me still just goes to show record don't mean shit in. wny. Gotta go to tourneys the good players know that. And I hear they got like 10 dudes wit em so will they shift power and form new team and destroy the eagles, will they join the buccs noooo please don't, I heard d ball is option. Damn eagles yall bout to win a title...chuckle. can u say Florida marlins? Chawk hit me up on Facebook I friended u. I got somebody that's been waitin to get at u. Mr eagle wants out...who knew? Me Dan Rather bitches.

D Rather

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Re: breaking news

Post by Djones#1 on Mon 26 Jul 2010, 11:58 pm

LOL. No comment. All I know is I haven't even hit my prime yet. As far as playing wit talent. Who wouldn't want talent around them. As far as free agency. ??????????????? Time and place for that talk. Championship this week.


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