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Contact Flag Rule Changes for Fall of 2010
Posted by CHARLES MALTA on 9/6/2010, 11:40 am

Dear Coaches & Players,
With most fall seasons starting this
weekend here are the rule changes that will go into effect. These rule changes are listed in the new rule book that you will receive when you sanction they are on page 14.
Rule 4 Section 3 Article 1: two teams with the
same jersey color will be determined
by a coin flip
Rule 5 Section 5 Article 3:Overtime if the score
is tied after 2 overtimes
the ball will be placed on
50 yardline & each team will
get 3 plays and the team with
the most yardage wins.So if
you should score a touchdown
on the 1st play its 50 yards
then you still have 2 more
plays to get yardage.We will
not run extra points during
penetration and
intercepions will end your plays.
Rule 9 Section 3 Article 3: Mininumm players
on the line of scrimmage:
2 players on the line in 4 on 4
3 players on the line in 5 on 5
3 players on the line in 7 man
4 players on the line in 8 man
5 players on the line in 9 man
* Note what we consider on the line is when
anyone who gets into a 2,3 or 4 point stance
there head must intersect the waist of the
Rule 12 Section 5 Article 3 Stiff Arm in 8 man
contact is now a loss of down and a
10 yard penalty
Rule 12 Section 5 Article 4 Obstuction of the
Runner:The Defensive player shall not
hold or grasp a runner when in the act
of removing the flag or making a legal
* On the flip side which I see entirely to
often the offensive ball carrier must avoid the
defensive player and CANNOT RUN the
defensive player over.Personal foul & a 10 yard
Rule 29 Section 2 Article 4 Scoring in overtime:
Same as Rule 5 Section 5 article 1-5.
Any Questions Call Me!!!
Have A Great Season,
See You In Florida,
Charlie Malta


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