Christmas Shopping

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Christmas Shopping

Post by Pete H on Fri 12 Nov 2010, 11:41 am

Hey guys. Not really a football related topic, but I wanted to try and help everyone out this holiday shopping season. A couple of years ago I gave a bunch of my family and friends Massage Gift Certificates for Christmas and they loved them. Probably the best idea I've ever had for Christmas. It made my holiday shopping the easiest ever and everyone I gave them too absolutely loved the experience and couldn't have been more thankful for the gift.

My girlfriend owns One Way to Heal Massage Therapy. She has a couple of therapists working for her and is located just of the 290's Niagara Falls Boulevard exit. Avoid all the traffic and hassles of shopping and give her a call at 949.2810.

If you're having family in for the holiday's, it's the perfect way to get them out of the house for a little bit. If you or your loved one are out shopping, it is a really great escape from all the stress of the season.

She is also a medical massage therapist which means before you head into the doctor and they start prescribing you all kinds of pills or schedule you for surgery, you need to give her a call first. Fortunately I don't have many injury related issues, but the couple of times I have had injuries, she has fixed me up in as little as one one hour session. I was very skeptical once too, but I promise you this is for real. Back, neck, leg, shoulder, thumbs, knees, hips, know we have all had injuries like these and a lot of us are probably hurting from something like this right now. I am telling you, give her a call call and schedule an appointment before you do anything else. You're going to save yourself a ton of money and time associated with the doctor not to mention all of the pain.

One Way to Heal Massage Therapy is the name of the business. 949.2810. Sorry fellas...or ladies for that happy endings, you're on your own if you need a number for that lol.

Pete H

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