Week 1 Lines

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Week 1 Lines

Post by Bookie on Fri 06 May 2011, 9:57 am

First week of the season is always the toughest to predict, never know who is playing with whom so here are the lines and brief thoughts.

Broncos vs Ballers (-8) o/u 26
If the Ballers have the same kicker and starting QB from last year they should have what it takes to win this game. The Broncos seem to still be building, they will not give up so it could be a tough game, but I think the Ballers should take it.

Eagles vs RIP (+4) o/u 24
The Eagles look to have Bobby back at QB, he knows the game well and should be able to put points on the board. RIP has players that have gained experience playing with the Yankees so we will have to see if they've added any depth to compliment their athletic talents. Odie, if he's there, can change the make up of a game so this could be a close one.

Giants vs Killswitch (+14) o/u 28
The Giants begin their title defense against a familiar opponent. Killswitch generally struggles against the Giants and I do not see that changing in this one. Look for Bobby to pick apart their defense for an easy win. Killswitch is developing into a decent travel squad, I just think they match up badly against the Giants.

Titans vs Yankees (-10) o/u 27
The national champs draw the new team week 1 so they have no scouting report, but I think they have the talent and experience to win this one. I have not seen the Titans play so I cannot really say much about them, I'm picking the Yankees and their athletes over the inexperienced Titans.

Team USA vs Blackout (+1) o/u 25
The game of the week features ex Bucs vs ex Eagles with some other additions. I see this being a tough fight till the bitter end, but with Masons playmaking abilities I will take Team USA. It is only week one, but this could be a preview of the championship game.

Steelers vs Bucs (-3) o/u 17
Even though the Bucs lost some talented players to Team USA, I like them to do well in this contest. They know how to stop a mobile QB and I think their strategy will carry them here. I see the Steelers season going one of two ways, either they surprise some teams en route to a great season, or they implode and finish at the bottom.


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Re: Week 1 Lines

Post by Odie1 on Thu 12 May 2011, 1:11 pm

Where in the world is this weeks gossip?
no trash talk, no predictions....Where is everybody? I NEED MY MOTIVATION...


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