Week 3 Lines

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Week 3 Lines

Post by Bookie on Fri 20 May 2011, 12:30 pm

Better late than never, here are my takes on this weeks games. For Odie, Bookie = motivation

Eagles vs Yankees (-10) o/u 26
The Yankees beat the Giants last week and look like they have a better shot at the title than I originally thought. They have always had the athletes and now the strategy is coming along to create a formidable team. The Eagles edged out Killswitch, but I cannot see them taking out the Yankees here. Brian is a smart coach, but you can only do so much when the Yankees have so much speed. Look for more Yankee salutes this week as they take the win.

Bucs vs Team USA (-2) o/u 28
The game of the week, possibly the game of the year. Team USA continues to impress, which was probably expected. The Bucs, who I thought would take a few weeks to gel with all their new faces, look as dominant as ever. This should be a fun battle to watch, as the two most physical teams in the league go at each other. The Bucs know Mason well enough to be able to contain him, but their fate lies in their offense. If Rudd can play it safe and limit the turnovers they have a pretty good shot here. They did take Team USA to the limit in Dubois. I see Team USA edging out the Bucs in a close one, ultimately I think they have more all around talent.

Broncos vs Killswitch (-1) o/u 32
Killswitch was only missing a few players who were in DC fighting the good fight. They had some missed opportunities and right now do not look like a playoff contender. The Broncos continue to battle week in and week out, they just keep coming up short. This should be another tight contest, but in the end I think Killswitch has a little more than the Broncos. Look for them to score early and hold on for a close win. Terrence definitely needs some help out there if Killswitch plans on making a playoff run.

Titans vs Steelers (-18) o/u 28
The Steelers look to get their first win against a struggling new team in the Titans. I think they will take this one with relative ease, their athletes should be able to make plays and the Titans are not quite ready to take on a team of their caliber yet. While the Steelers are not at the top level yet, they are still a pretty solid team so I think they run away with this one early.

Ballers vs RIP (-4) o/u 20
RIP continues their early season run, they look good and are feeling confident. One wonders if they will be this years Ballers, winning early in the season against weaker competition before fizzling out at the end of the year. I think the middle of the schedule could be a stumbling block for them, but they should be able to win this week. The Ballers narrowly beat RIP last year, but this years RIP is better and I like them to take this game.

Giants vs Blackout (+2) o/u 23
Blackout had a big win last week but most figured they would. They have a real tough test this week against the Giants, who in reality have struggled all year offensively. Blackout has one hell of a rusher that the Giants will need to focus on, but Bobby is pretty good at using his blockers and moving around in the pocket. I think for Blackout to have a chance in this one their O-line needs to stiffen up. I don't think they will and I think the Giants take this one on a late score, avenging their defeat in PA.


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Re: Week 3 Lines

Post by Odie1 on Fri 20 May 2011, 3:17 pm

Thank you sir...we appreciate that...almost thought you wasn't around this week


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ain't nothing change

Post by big nard on Sat 21 May 2011, 7:59 pm

for all the nay sayers and the haters f__k you the bucs are here whoever doubt it bring it we here to stay big boy ball the new and improved buccaneers

big nard

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Re: Week 3 Lines

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