Week 6 Lines

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Week 6 Lines

Post by Bookie on Fri 17 Jun 2011, 11:08 am

First and foremost, congratulations to Derrick Floyd on his entry into the USFTL hall of fame. It is certainly a well-deserved award. We now have 6 teams with a legitimate shot at winning a national title this year and I think a big reason is because of Derricks leadership.

Now the lines.

Yankees vs RIP (+4) o/u 22
The Yankees started strong in the tournament before fizzling out, but to be honest I did not think they looked good in any game. With the offense struggling this game should be a tight one. Even with the Yankees dinged up with injuries, I still see them coming out on top and staying undefeated. Mitch can make plays, but I think he needs to be more consistent with his throws. Ford should be able to find a few weak spots in the RIP defense and eek out a close one here.

Team USA vs Eagles (+13) o/u 30
It was a disappointing tournament for Team USA, getting bounced by a surprising Killswitch team. If Mason is healthy enough to play they should be able to take out their frustrations on the Eagles. The Eagles had a good comeback this weekend, but still lack the depth to win against the best. Bobby can control the clock, but Team USA has too many athletes for the Eagles to overcome. Team USA should win by a couple scores unless O'Malley is QB.

Blackout vs Ballers (+12) o/u 25
It looks like Blackout comes to play for tournaments. They have a very athletic secondary and it looks like they may have solved their blocking issues. With a couple of decent QB's, I see them turning the season around and going on a run here. The Ballers came out shorthanded, and though they creeped into games, they have to find committed players if they want to join the upper echelon of the league. With the Ballers only rushing two I think the Blackout offense should have a productive day, while the Ballers offense will probably struggle. Blackout scores early and their defense carries them to the win here.

Titans vs Giants (-30) o/u 30
Congratulations to the Giants on another local tournament win. The team has stayed consistent and can defend Buffalo turf like no other. Now if they can keep this momentum in their travel ventures they have a great shot to bring home a national championship. I do not think the Titans will show, if they do they will find it tough to score. Giants in a romp if the game happens.

Bucs vs Killswitch (+8) o/u 24
After a miraculous comeback it is time for Killswitch to come back to earth. They had a good run but we are back to league play where they have struggled all year. The Bucs had a bit of a blowup but I think they right the ship and come back with a win in this one. Killswitch can play teams tough but they have to find a way to win the close ones if they want to make the playoffs. I do not see them having an answer for Mike, the Bucs WR, and offensively they may not have the weapons to win this one. Bucs2011 keep the undefeated season going for another week.

Steelers vs Broncos (+10) o/u 28
It looks like the Steelers season is on the verge of imploding but this game should be a good opportunity for them to get back in the win column. The Broncos continue to struggle and seem to be losing focus. With the Steeler athletes and the Broncos inability to keep a drive going, I think this should be a relatively easy win for the Steelers.


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Post by MELKIPER on Sun 19 Jun 2011, 6:16 pm

Hey bookie, Ive been out of town the past couple weeks can you give me a run down on whats what/ and who's who in the WNYFFL. I also missed the Tournament last weekend. just trying to catch up with what is going on in Buffalo. if anyone else has updates please feel free to post.


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RE: Updates

Post by Bookie on Wed 22 Jun 2011, 1:01 pm

Here are my takes on the season thus far Mel, starting with the top.

The Yankees and Bucs are both undefeated, but I feel both can be beaten by a number of teams below them. Rudd has found a trusty weapon with his new WR Mike, but I think if you contain him you have a shot at beating the Bucs. He was injured in the tournament and their offense struggled after that. The Yankees always do well in league play, but they need Tony to stay healthy if they want to go far in major tournaments. He too was injured in the tournament and they got bounced right after his injury.

Blackout has turned a corner and will be dangerous come playoff time. They are built for tournaments, very fast athletic secondary and linebacking core, a good number of above average rushers that can rotate in, a couple quarterbacks who can get the job done, and a coach who can make adjustments. Their O-line was struggling, but when they go spread they are pretty formidable, especially with T-Brown who is making plays everywhere.

Team USA was eliminated by Killswitch in the tournament in what was probably one of the greatest comebacks I have ever seen. I think they were down by 3 scores. Despite their disappointing tournament, I still think they have the talent to win the league. Mason is starting to use his line more and their defense is solid, though they tend to give up long plays with their overaggressive corners.

Giants won the tournament and are always a dangerous team. No new faces that I see, they are pretty consistent but seem to be getting away from their late line release plays. You cannot argue with their success, Cody has been making big plays and I think they make it to the championship in the league.

The rest of the teams I would say need a little work if they have a chance to win the league. RIP is better but I think they will struggle against good defenses. Give them another year with that bigger roster and they may make a run. Eagles lack the athletic depth to win the whole thing, Steelers lack the organization, Ballers need new strategy. Killswitch is having a disasterous year in league play but they had one hell of a QB in the tournament. He is actually one of the best QB's I've seen out there. Who knows, if he plays with them and they grab a few more guys they may have a shot in nationals. Broncos have been sliding and Titans need a lot of work.

Thats my take.


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Re: Week 6 Lines

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