Week 10 Lines

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Week 10 Lines

Post by Bookie on Fri 15 Jul 2011, 1:54 pm

I will keep things short and sweet this week and recommend that everyone read the posting about the Jimmy Sitarski benefit if you have not already. Jimmy needs all of our support so lets all get on the board and send him our prayers. Stay strong Jimmy!

The lines:

Giants vs Ballers (+13) o/u 36
The Ballers are simply outclassed in this one. The Giants have the strategy to take the game pretty easily and the Ballers will need to retool if they plan on making any progress next year. I see a lot of their players still have fire so there may be hope yet.

Team USA vs Killswitch (+28) o/u 32
With no out of town QB to bail them out this will probably be a blowout. Killswitch is another team in need of change. I thought they may struggle this year, but not as much as they have. Team USA has had a solid season for a new team and will only get better. This game is over by halftime.

Bucs vs Blackout (+2) o/u 22
What a disappointment for Blackout last week. They now have an uphill battle to clinch the last spot, they need a win in this one. The Yankees were able to feast on turnovers last week and I think the story will be the same here. The Bucs will be able to contain TBrown, who is having a fantastic year. On offense, I think they may struggle a bit, but they will score enough to take the win.

Eagles vs Broncos (+16) o/u 20
The Broncos took a big step backward this year and have been blown out in most of their games. I give them credit for still being able to field a team, but they definitely could use a playmaker or two. The Eagles should be able to methodically take them apart for the easy win.

Steelers vs Yankees (-12) o/u 26
The Steelers won last week but I still do not think they looked that great. Their TDs came on long plays where their athletes had room to run and I do not see that happening against the Yankees. If the Yankees get tight coverage on Bobby, and I think they will, it should be a relatively easy win for them. Despite his interception last week, Ford is developing into a solid QB and he will be able to find the weaknesses in the Steeler defense.

Titans vs RIP (-20) o/u 28
This should be a good game for RIP going into playoffs, giving them a chance to practice a bit and get their swagger back. It was a rough outing last week but this game should get them back on track, both offensively and defensively. For the Titans, the season mercifully comes to an end.

Eagles vs Bucs (-8) o/u 25
The second game of the day for the Bucs and Eagles could be an entertaining one. With the expected heat I think the deep roster the Bucs have gives them a big advantage. It should be a physical game but the athletes the Bucs have should carry them to the win.


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Re: Week 10 Lines

Post by BJ32 on Fri 15 Jul 2011, 3:21 pm

Dear Ballers...I will not be shaking hands this week as i have to leave by 940ish for a hockey game...I will say nice game and good luck now!!! If your kicker wants to travel to cleveland let a giant know saturday..thanks...hopefully this keeps the board idiots silent for a week!!! BJ #32


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