Playoff Week 2 Lines

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Playoff Week 2 Lines

Post by Bookie on Fri 29 Jul 2011, 1:09 pm

Looks like I am pretty much in agreement with my counterpart. Here are my takes, lets hope people find my picks amongs the garbage spam that has inundated the site as of late. They are almost as bad as Seans constant spamming of the site from years past, I almost miss him...

Yankees vs Team USA (-11) o/u 30
Although I have been saying Ford is developing into a good QB, he has struggled as of late and I think that may do the Yankees in this week. Normally they can get by with their defense, but with all of the weapons Mason has, I do not think that happens in this one. Mason still is banged up so he is not a real threat to run, but he has plenty of talent around him that it should not be an issue. For the Yankees, they need Ford to have the game of his life. Based on recent trends that is not going to happen. He has missed crossing patterns and seems to lack the confidence he had in games past. If they start with some short plays to get his confidence, they may compete, but overall I think Team USA is just too strong.

Bucs vs Giants (-1) o/u 34
Well, I guess I have to stick with my bold prediction from a few weeks ago that neither the Bucs nor the Yankees will make the championship game. There are a few variables in this game, one is if the Bucs bring in Chico. He is a game changer and could swing the advantage to the Bucs. Another variable is the health of Bobby. If the injury he sustained last week hinders him or takes him out of the game, the Bucs take this game. Like most games, this one will probably be decided in the trenches. Although the Bucs won on a last second Hail Mary, they deserved to win the game as much as the Giants did. In the first half the Bucs dominated the line of scrimmage, it was not until the second half that the Giants finally started getting pressure on Rudd and protecting Bobby. My guess is that Bobby plays and does just enough to win, the Giants take this one thanks to extra points.


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