Week 4 lines

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Week 4 lines

Post by Capper on Sun 20 May 2012, 10:50 pm

Got them ready early so you can start your week with them-

Killswitch vs Dirty Bucs (Killswitch +8 o/u 26) Killswitch kept it close with the Giants, commendable. Bucs return to league play after attending a big tourney. Bucs are too physical for Killswitch, but Killswitch keeps it close until the fourth quarter. Bucs offense will move the ball and defense will force a big turnover. Impressed with how quickly the Bucs reloaded their talent. Killswitch's secret play right guard screen left goes for the score. Bucs 20-8

Steelers vs Fighting Irish (Steelers - 15 o/u 18) Fighting Irish can't find any offense, any, like they are horrible. Steelers aren't that offensive either but their athletes can score in any phase of the game. This isn't the week for the Irish to get on the board, but the Steelers break out this week. Steelers 20-0.

Team USA vs Broncos (Team USA - 24 o/u 28) Team USA got their panties on a bunch cause I picked Blackout. I saw the game (Cap sees all), only 2 offensive scores, just like I predicted but Blackout was missing Bobby (QB) which would have made the game different. To top it off if it wasn't for a pick six with under a minute left it was about to be a one score game. Onto this week, Broncos found their offense but still lost. They have a deep sideline, USA is too strong for them though (see a compliment for USA). However, the Broncos will be the first team to score on USA, they have the o-line to keep their QB protected (USA's pass rush is average at best) and let receivers find the weaknesses in the Defense. USA overpowers Broncos 28-7 behind Mason and the offense even though they will be missing big #63.

Yankees vs Blackout (Yankees -2 o/u 22) Game of the Week, both teams are hit and miss so far this year with potential to beat anyone. Yankees have the hot hand coming off a win, but when things go wrong they resort to fighting and blaming. This isn't the fighting irish so the Yankees will have to deal with adversity sometime this week. Blackout was humbled by USA but they were close to having an opportunity to onsides kick with a one score game. Yankees still working through combining with RIP, they have athletes but haven't jelled just yet. Blackout should have Bobby back at QB so look for Blackout to win 20-16

Giants vs Vikings- (Giants -18 o/u 24) Giants stumbled a little against Killswitch but great teams win when they don't play their best games, and the Giants did what they do best, win. Stayed patient and let defnse put offense in position to win. Vikings didn't get to play last week, hope they don't make the game up this week because that will be two tough losses. Giants are on top and the Vikings aren't there yet. G-Men 24-6 (Garbage time TD)

The lines are solid as always, picks debatable, feel free to make yours.


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Re: Week 4 lines

Post by Bookie on Wed 23 May 2012, 5:49 pm

OK Capper, you have officially sent me into retirement. Great job on the lines.

Now to spend my retirement funds so all my bastard kids get no inheritance:
I'll take Killswitch +8 and the under, I think the Bucs win but Killswitch will probably move the ball and eat up clock before sputtering out in the red zone.
Fighting Irish and the under, the Irish can't be that bad can they? The Steelers will probably win thanks to their defense but I think it should be close.
Team USA and the over, they are a juggernaut right now and I do not see the Broncos stopping that. I disagree about the Team USA D-Line though, I think they get pressure on Dathan all day.
Yankees and the over, both teams are disappointing me this year so far though. Blackout was outplayed last week, but not as bad as the score indicated. Yankees have been boring this year, both on the field and on this board. The Bish Network has been shut down by the FCC apparently...smh
Giants and the over, despite struggling last week the Giants are still the team to beat. The Vikings had the week off and hopefully were scouting, but even if they were I do not see them threatening in this one.


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Bish Network

Post by dbish2 on Fri 25 May 2012, 8:08 pm

You know what Bookie I cant even argue with you.. Im also a lil disappointed wit where we are so far. Yea we have some Jelling to do but we play wit most of R.I.P. in tourney ball. So im not go make excuses. Rite now we just gotta put it together. Tomorrow will be the day. Always look forward to playing against Blackout & every game a classic. Look forward to a big showing tomorrow...Now when it comes to the boards.. ITS JUST BORING PERIOD.. Nobody talks shit anymore..LOL.. Yankees Salute!!!


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Re: Week 4 lines

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