Help me out capper/bookie.

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Help me out capper/bookie.

Post by #1fN on Mon 04 Jun 2012, 12:42 am

Who are your top 5 teams? Player of the week? Canidates of MVP of the league.


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Top 5

Post by Bookie on Mon 04 Jun 2012, 2:28 pm

Here are my power rankings as of this week.
1. Team USA, no disrespect to the Giants, but they look like the class of the league right now.
2. Giants, they will have their chance to shut me up this week when they play Team USA.
3. Dirty Bucs, they have talent and strategy, the young guys just need to get a little more experience.
4. Yankees, so far they have looked bad, but they will turn it on during the playoffs when it matters.
5 and 6, toss up between Blackout and Killswitch. We will see after this week when they play each other, slight edge to Blackout because of athletes. Actually this is an interesting week because based on the way I rank it, the schedule this week is 1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8 (Vikings/Steelers), 9v10 (Irish/Broncos).

Player of the week goes to Mason, he kept plays alive and won a big game.

MVP race is between Mason and Cody Williams. Mason is leading the highest scoring team to blowout wins week in and week out, Cody scored another 3 tds this week and comes up big against the top teams.


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Post by Giants34 on Mon 04 Jun 2012, 3:28 pm

You wont see the Giants / USA game this week. It will most likely be another week due to Detroit. USA does look like the team to beat so far bookie. I also think at the half-way point you have 2 guys battling it out for MVP honors.

Hey Wolf ---I could not wait any longer lol

Mueller -Giants34


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Re: Help me out capper/bookie.

Post by Capper on Mon 04 Jun 2012, 9:00 pm


1. Giants- Giants are the champs and are so until someone beats them when it counts. I think the most overall talented and veteran team all around. Bobby throwing on the money D-line best in the league.

2. USA- I'm not as sold on the USA hype, even though they did beat a short handed Bucs squad. Mason is the man and carries the team but you got recievers dropping balls, DB's getting Mossed and I still think they are soft, no one has tested that yet. Until they beat the Giants they are chasing the Giants. More like 2007 patriots then 72 Dolphins, watch.

3. Bucs- Lets hope last week was not a blip, but even short handed it took USA converting fourth downs to score.

4. Yankees- Still need to improve to break into the top teams.

5- Killswitch- They have improved since losing to the Yankees and played tops teams tough.


1. Cody Williams- Giants
Single handedly takes games over.

2. Rashid Howie - Bucs
Quality rusher, good returner, and plays center. Good in all phases of the game.

3. Bobby Wesolek- Giants
Leading the Giants on offense making good decisions and winnig close games.

4. Kevin Mason- Team USA
Dominating against the lower teams, he could jump depending on what happens in Giants game

5. Davonte Wright- Broncos
The team is horrible but here is a bright spot. Playmaker on O and D.

Lines for this week will go up another night, too busy spending Bookies money on the horses....


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Re: Help me out capper/bookie.

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