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Rule correction

Post by BJ32 on Wed 13 Jun 2012, 11:15 am the league and all of us rulebook czars - yes this includes me!!! Commissioner Floyd and his refs had it 100% correct on the extra point penalty call...the rule states, "you have to line up toe to toe, foot to foot on the interior line for kicks"...

However, on a side note, the USFTL also told me that penalty has been called once - in our game, lol - also the 4 inch gap we were penalized for is certainly a "gray area" (this was categorized as ticky tack, the rule is there so there are not "obvious gaps"....and typically the refs tell the lineman if they line up incorrectly, just like the line judge before the play starts reminds players to line up on sides...yes it is a courtesy check by the refs in both situations, but it eliminates penalties that have no bearing on the play...since our game was never in doubt anyways, it really didnt matter!!!..LOL...good to be back for one game, it was an ESPN instant classic..hope to see you all in 2013!!! BJ#32 lol!


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