help me out capper/bookie playoffs, we talking bout playoffs.

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help me out capper/bookie playoffs, we talking bout playoffs.

Post by guess#12 on Wed 20 Jun 2012, 10:50 pm

Which team should just give up and wait for next year? Which team, teams shouldn't sleep on? Which team has something to prove? Which team is the most approve? Which team shouldn't return next year, just allow team USA to pick them apart and add to the team for next season? Help me out guys.


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Re: Playoffs

Post by Bookie on Thu 21 Jun 2012, 12:35 pm

Ok here is my take on your questions.
First, no team should ever give up, they should all play out the year and learn. Obviously there are some teams that are out of the playoff hunt, they know who they are, but they should continue to learn, build, and maybe throw a wrench in someones plans with an upset.
Two teams not to sleep on are Killswitch and the Bucs. I think some people are down on the Bucs, but they had the Giants last week and with the knowledge and experience they have, they can get the job done.
Team USA has the most to prove, with all that talent, they are expected to win the whole thing. Especially since the knock on them is they fold in big games, they have a lot to prove come playoff time.
Most improved team hands down is Killswitch. I'm going to hop on that bandwagon now, they may be a dark horse in the playoffs. Their QB is throwing the ball well, they are finding ways to get the ball to the only playmaker they have (#22), and their defense is even stepping up.
And finally, all teams should return, Team USA has plenty of players.
Overall though, its the Giants who own this league until someone beats them when it counts, which I do not see happening at this point.


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