Week 9 Lines

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Week 9 Lines

Post by Capper on Wed 27 Jun 2012, 11:30 pm

Man I went to the dark side last week. After placing bets on Bookies line I spent the next 3 days with no sleep flying high at the casino. I now have to make some moneyback to pay those debts... Two years not gambling right out the window. 2 days clean and counting.

Blackout vs. Fighting Irish (Blackout - 15 o/u 24) Blackout is starting the last season push for the playoffs, and they are a playoff team. Irish is a bottom team and hasn't figured out how to play offense enough to win more then one game. Blackout needs to win big to build towards playoffs. Blackout 22- Irish 0

Yankees vs. Vikings- (Yankees -13 o/u 25) Vikings played Killswitch into OT last week. Yankees had USA a 3rd down conversion away from being upset. Yankees continue to improve but lets give Vikings some props for playing Killswitch tough. I thought this team was starting to bag it on the season. Yankees have the talent and the wrinkles to easily win this one. Yankees 24 - Vikings 6

Killswitch vs. Team USA (Killswitch +9 o/u 30) USA held on to beat Yankees, Killswitch held on to beat Vikings. I think Killswitch was caught looking forward to this week. USA seems to be dropping in numbers and execution as the season goes. They need to roll Killswitch going into playoffs. Killswitch has a good test play USA so close to playoffs and see how they've grown this season. USA 22 - Killswitch 13

Giants vs. Broncos- (Giants - 28 o/u 35) Giants roll weak teams. They are the top talent on offense and defense, which causes blowouts against bottom teams. Broncos are just flat out over matched. This comes down to a stat game and how many points the Giants can score before the mercy rule. Giants 42 - Broncos 0

Steelers vs. Dirty Bucs (Steelers + 17 o/u 26) Steelers are dropping fast and got shelled by the Giants. Bucs are another tough draw for the Steelers as they fall out of the playoff picture. Bucs are starting to step their game up. This is a tune up game for them. Bucs- 30 - Steelers 7


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Post by Bookie on Fri 29 Jun 2012, 5:24 pm

I'm always willing to help out a fellow gambler in need so here are my donations for the week,

Blackout and the over, they should have no trouble burying the Irish, even if Brian knows Turks weaknesses.
Yankees and the over, Yanks are coming on strong at the end of the year and hiring a coach will only make them better.
USA and the under, USA has the athletes to overpower, and they should have no troubles taking the game.
Giants and the over, only real question is how many TDs Cody has in this one.
Steelers and the under, I'll assume the Steelers are not as bad as last week would indicate. They lose here but maybe a late start equals a better game.

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