Way to ball Buffalo

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Way to ball Buffalo

Post by Danny#1 on Mon 13 Aug 2012, 7:23 pm

3 out of the top 4 in C, USA 3rd in A/B, great showing for Buffalo.

Great job Killswitch. I am proud as hell of you guys for sticking together and battling it out through 7 games. You showed a ton of heart out there and we're a few tweaks away from winning a tourny.

Congratulations to the Giants on taking another tournament, you guys are still cream of the crop until someone (hopefully us) knocks you off. Thanks to Iac, Mueller, Jamie, and the rest of the Giants for the support and advice this weekend. Much appreciated! Yanks and Blackout, great games that came down to the wire as they so often do with us.

Lets all keep this going for nationals. Team USA and Bucs, and all the C teams, keep us in mind when its time to scrimmage before nationals.

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