Week 3 Lines

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Week 3 Lines

Post by Bookie on Thu 16 May 2013, 11:17 am

Game of the week would have been Killswitch vs Blackout, but since that was rescheduled I guess I'll go with Kings vs Yanks. They at least chatter a little on the board.

Kings vs Yankees (-20) o/u 20
Even if the Yankees are without their QB, their defense will be more than enough to win this game. The Kings are young and developing, but they don't have the depth that the Yanks bring to the table. I see the Kings throwing a couple picks, probably a pick six, and the Yanks cruise to an easy win.

Giants vs Steelers (+14) o/u 26
What a game last week by the Giants, the game of the week/year lived up to the billing. They get an easier draw this week against the Steelers, who boast a ton of athletes but little in the way of strategy. The Giants contain the Steelers O and win by at least 2 TD's.

Nice TD's vs Team USA (-49) o/u 49
Yikes, this one will probably get ugly quick. Nice TD's need some help but they look like they are trying, with the new wrist band plays. They are clearly outmatched in this game and I am sure Team USA will score at will. Hopefully Nice TD's finishes out the season but boy did they get a tough draw to start. Games against Killswitch, Team USA, and Yankees in the first 4 weeks. Things get easier after that, but they probably won't see the W column this year.

Vikings vs Broncos (-2) o/u 24
The Broncos offense is looked good last week and I think they should get another win in this one. The Vikings still need to find an identity on offense. They seem to rely on broken plays which may get them a score against weaker teams but to beat the best they need more than broken plays. I think the Broncos win on extra points in this one.

Good luck to Killswitch in DC, bring back the championship boys!


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