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Post by DPG on Mon 24 Jun 2013, 9:27 pm

After the kings loss to slime green Saturday I got to remembering some members of the kings saying they would be the new powerhouse in this Leauge!  Wow 20pts in 8 games and a loss to a team with 233 pts against! Then after the game all the park which of course specifically the Dogg pound heard was the after game blame session, "the guards can't block" then its the defence was the blame , then we heard it was the offenence, then last but not least it was the coaches! Take it from the pound kings . ITS ALL THE ABOVE! Before u talk the talk make sure u can handle the job at hand, it saves embarrassment,because all you have done as solidified your place as one of the worst teams in wny flagfootball history! But there is hope ole ye kings of nowhere! The JFK is coming,start your 2 a day practices. LOL this is Dogg food for thought!


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